Thursday, July 2, 2009

Zoo Trip

A few weeks ago, we took Asher on his first visit to the Baton Rouge Zoo. It was hot... very hot! I had to take his shirt and hat off. The heat did not stop Asher from having a good time. He loved looking at all the animals and being there with his cousins.
This is a sheep, but they had recently shaved her.
Asher wanted to play with monkeys!

Zoe-bug and the bald sheep.
Gavin was dancing to the Cajun music playing. I tried to get some of his moves on camera but couldn't.
Asher and Luke being best buds, until the hair pulling and hitting started.

Asher made of new friend.
Luke and Kami. I love her hat!
Daddy and Asher. What a wonderful day!


The Sharbono Family said...

I think it's fabulous that you guys all live so close to one another. I think we are going with the Sharbs to Shreveport tomorrow to celebrate the weekend. They have a big fireworks display and lots of stuff for kids, so I'm really excited. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Leah said...

It was fun. But our next zoo trip is still planned for December right? No more summer zoo trips! LOL