Friday, July 31, 2009

More Food PIctures

Well, in two weeks my baby turns 1! It hurts. We have been really busy lately. Things are a little more difficult to accomplish now that he is walking. He is discovering new things everyday! I find myself consuming more coffee lately.
Asher loves blueberries! The top picture is a little scary, but he is showing me the berry in his mouth. In the bottom picture, his lips are almost as blue as his eyes.
Mr. Independent is trying so hard to learn how to feed himself with a spoon. When he eats, I have a spoon and so does he. At first, the spoon went into my mouth a lot. He thought it was so funny! Then, he was able to get it into his mouth. Next, he learn how to dip the spoon into the food. He sometimes is able to scoop the food out. However, he has not put the first and second step together. So, he ends up putting the food on his high chair, grabbing the food and eating it with his hands, and finally putting the empty spoon in his mouth.

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The Sharbono Family said...

You are so brave!!!!!! I have not attempted letting them eat with a spoon yet. I'm totally dreading cleaning up the mess, so I just keep doing it. He is beautiful!!!