Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun in the Shade

Park Visit

The other day we took Asher to the local park where Leah, Chad, Gavin, and the twins met us. We all had so much fun. 
Luke and Kami both can fit into the same swing! It must have tasted good, Luke seems to think so.
Kami on the other side. She started to cry, but she realized that swinging is fun. Before any tears fell she was laughing.
Asher really enjoyed the swings as well. He loved the whole experience. He wanted to follow his cousin Gavin around so bad! 
Gavin did slow down a bit to love on his Uncle Bubba.
When we first got there, Asher sat on his blanket and watched his daddy and uncle play catch. I cannot wait until he is able to join them.

Daddy's Belly Button

Asher is discovering the world around him! He was amazed by his daddy's belly button. He thought it was so funny.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bayleigh and Asher

Bayleigh came by the other day. I can not believe how big she is getting. Asher has always loved his cousin, Bayleigh. He followed her around. She didn't return the affection though. However, she wanted him to ride Mike the Tiger with her.

Playing In The Backyard

We took Asher outside to play in the backyard. He loved it! He also likes to pull and eat the grass. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Playing In The Walker

Yesterday, We bought Asher a walker. At first, he was reluctant. He wanted to jump in it like he does in his jumper, but when he went backwards instead of up and down, he look at me in amazement. He got so excited that he was shaking. He first perfected going backwards then forwards. He was getting into trouble left and right. I would say, "No, no. We don't play with the cable box." Asher would just look at me at laugh so hard. Then, he would let out a little cry and a little laugh. It was like he was upset I said no, but thrilled that he can reach all this stuff he has been eyeing for months. I can tell that he is still adjusting to the concept. The walker feels like his jumper but with mobility of crawling, however the mobility is limited.
He was distracted by his reflection on the oven.

Backwards. My little crawfish. I did eat a lot of them when I was pregnant for him.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Teeth and Crawling

Asher is about to get two bottom teeth! Teething has been a nightmare! His gums are hurting so much. He is putting everything in his mouth. He is also using his new ability to crawl to get into trouble. He loves playing with the things that are off limits i.e. computers, DVDs, et. I put him in his play pin, and he started crying until I got out the camera. Once I put it away, the tears started again, so I took him out and continued to chase after him throughout the living room and kitchen.

Baby on the move.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I know that it has been a while since I've blogged. So, I will try to catch up! Last month we went to Asher's cousin's 1st birthday. Calib is 6 months older than Asher. I cannot believe that he is one or that in less than 6 months Asher will be one. It seems that time went by so slow when I was pregnant, but now time is flying by so quickly.
Calib and his cake!

He got lots of cool presents.

Asher loves the train rocker that Calib got for his birthday.